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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising


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PHIT KIDS are children who used to be inactive or sedentary but are now active at least 3 times a week or to 'Healthy Standards'. Learn more about these standards and PHIT KIDS HERE.

Children Throughout The World Need Our Help

80% of children throughout the world are at 'high risk' of disease because they are not achieving minimum physical activity levels.  Inactivity is the 4th largest cause of death. More people are dying of inactivity than obesity. And, the number of inactive children and adults keeps growing.

Why? We have engineered physical activity out of our lives. Physical education, the grassroots program for all activity around the world, has been de-emphasized or taken out of some schools. Kids are consumed with social media, playing video games, or watching TV. The net result, more and more children are sedentary...and unhealthy. 

Do we just let children live a life of not being healthy? Do we let this huge issue become worse?

PHIT World says no. And, you can too!  We create more physically active PHIT KIDS, who are both healthier and do better in school.

Introduce - Less than $1

PHIT World will use your $50 donation to engage a sedentary child in one of our comprehensive school-based physical activity programs. Administrators of these school-based programs provide us with a plan to increase the number of children who are active, increase their fitness activity...or both. The net result: Your donation helps us get sedentary children moving and active. We create PHIT KIDS who are both healthier and smarter!

PHIT World is redefining healthcare to build prevention into our system. Today, we have more of a 'sick care' system than healthcare. We tend to treat people after they are sick. PHIT World, with your help, is investing in education and supporting great grassroots and physical education programs to prevent sickness and help our children be active, fit and healthy...for life.


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