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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

How PHIT World Donations Are Used

Call to Actions The PHIT World Foundation Staff is focused to drive results whether you are an individual donor or a major corporation who wants to improve the lives of children around the world. The leadership and Board of PHIT World has over 200 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry and have studied the Inactivity Pandemic. You can see the "Roots" or reason for Inactivity here

More important, we have prioritized your investment and your donation in a focused way to change the lives of children. We create more PHIT KIDS who are both healthier and Smarter. We only use a small percentage of your donation for administration or non grassroots program support.

For corporations or significant donors, we expand our services but still focus on accomplishing our mission. 

Individual Donors - Grassroots Support...Where The Kids Are

For individual donations, we are extremely focused on grassroots program activation. We feel the best way to change behavior is to go Where The Kids school classrooms, in physical education programs, in local sports or fitness programs, or even in homes.

Approximately 80% of individual donations are to create more PHIT KIDS through our grassroots programs. We do this through effective and efficient GO Grants Logoschool-based programs which will introduce more children to a life of activity and fitness.

In the USA, we have PHIT America GO! Grant programs which support school-based programs for children 5-12 years old. With the average school budget for PE at just $764 per year for an entire school, our grants make a world of difference. GO! Grants can also be provided in community sports & fitness Brain Breaks logoprograms as well. Around the world, we have a great partnership with HOPSports and their Brain Breaks program. This revolutionary program is delivered in classrooms, in physical education classes, and even in homes. Learn more about these programs here.

For both these programs, we can introduce a child to a life of activity and fitness for less than $50 per child per year. So, with a donation of just $1 per week for a full year, you can make a huge impact on children throughout the world. Make a donation now by clicking "HELP A CHILD - DONATE" above.

The balance (approximately 20%) of your donation is used to increase education throughout the world and support our internal operations. We are a very lean and mean organization. The Founder of PHIT World came from the business environment and knows we have to produce results.

Major Donors Or Corporate Sponsors - Focused & Effective!

If you run a major company, foundation or just want to make a larger contribution, we will expand our efforts to include more education and communication approaches. We have a menu of education tools - Videos, Documentary, News Articles, Social Media, etc. - which can be leveraged.

However, we will always insist on the majority of your support be used Where The Kids grassroots, school-based, community programs. 

Your brand can be exposed in a very positive way through out programs and education approaches.

Interested in joining our 'Movement' and being part of our Alliance? Contact us here.


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