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50+ Fun PLAYTIME Activities For Children

Call to Actions Lets get children moving and leading an active healthy life. Here are over 40 different ways kids can get out the house and PLAY. Remember, the important thing to stress is FUN!

  1. Badminton - Set up your net & see how long you can keep the ‘birdie’ in the air!
  2. Basketball – Go shoot some hoops or play H-O-R-S-E!
  3. Bicycling - Go for a ride, race your friends, see what tricks you can do! Be sure to wear your helmet.
  4. Brain Breaks – Do a series of Brain Breaks video exercises – they are FREE.
  5. Build a Fort - Head to the backyard and make a fort!
  6. Capture the Flag - Find a big field, set up, and have fun. Learn more here.
  7. Catch with a Friend - Grab a baseball or a football and start throwing.
  8. Climb a Tree - Find a good tree in your backyard and climb to the top!
  9. Cornhole - Set up your boards and see who can get to 21 first. Learn more here.
  10. Dance - Grab your friends, pick your favorite music, and have a dance party!
  11. Duck-Duck-Goose – This classic game is fun for all! Learn more here.
  12. Fireflies - Head to the yard on a nice summer night and see how many fireflies you can catch!
  13. Floor Hockey - Set up the goals & play.The first team to score seven goals will win.
  14. Fly a Kite – When it’s windy, head to an open field and go fly a kite! NIH Quote
  15. Four Square - Find or make the court & start playing! Learn more here.
  16. Frisbee Catch - Pick up your disc and start throwing! See what cool tricks you can create
  17. Games With Your Dog - Take your dog for a walk, challenge it to a race, or play fetch!
  18. Hide & Seek - Go run and hide, let’s see if they can find you! 
  19. Hiking - Head to your local nature trail.Don't forget your backpack and water.
  20. Hill Rolling - Find the biggest hill in the neighborhood that you can roll down.
  21. Hopscotch - Grab some chalk and see how many times you can hop in a row. Learn more here.
  22. Hose - Turn on the hose and make it rain, spray your friends, or plug it into your sprinkler.
  23. Hula Hoop - See how long you can keep the Hula Hoop going! 
  24. Inline Skating - Great exercise. Kids can be creative.
  25. Join a Swim Team - Head to your local pool, start practicing, and see how fast you can go!
  26. Jump Rope - Grab your rope and see how long you can keep it going
  27. Jumping Jacks - How many can you do in a row?NIH Real
  28. Karate - Enroll in lessons and see what belts you can earn
  29. Kick a Ball - How far can you kick a soccer ball? Can you kick a field goal with a football?
  30. Kickball – Get the neighborhood friends together, pick teams, and 'play Kickball!'
  31. Monkey Bars - Can you swing across all of the bars? Can you do a pull up?
  32. Musical Chairs - Set up your chairs in a line & play some tunes!
  33. Obstacle Course - Make a course & go for it! Time yourself to see how fast you can do it!
  34. Pickleball - Grabs your pals and start playing pickleball.
  35. Ping Pong - Play with a friend and see how long you can keep a rally going.
  36. Playground Games - Walk over to your local playground & start playing! Bring your friends!
  37. Pogo Stick - Head to your driveway & see how many times in a row you can pogo.
  38. Pool - Hop in the local pool, start splashing around with friends, show off your best dives, or head to the deep end to play Sharks & Minnows.Do a swimming race with friends.
  39. Race - Grab your friends and see who is the fastest in the neighborhood.
  40. Rec Leagues - Play ball with your friends in your local baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, or football leagues.
  41. Skateboarding - Wear your helmet and go practice skateboarding!
  42. Skip Rocks - Find some good rocks, head to your local pond or lake, and go skip them.
  43. Snow Activities - Go sledding, build a fort, and make some snowballs!
  44. Street Hockey - Find a safe street, set up goals, and start playing! Watch for cars!
  45. Swing - How high can you get on that backyard swing set? Pump those legs to get higher!
  46. Tag - Grab your buddies & play freeze tag, flashlight tag, or the original game of tag
  47. Taps - Keep the ball in the air while jumping and see how long can you go
  48. Teatherball - See who can be the teatherball champion of the neighborhood.
  49. Trampolines - Get jumping! Be careful if there isn’t a net.
  50. Tug of War – Which of your friends is the strongest? Grab your rope, mark the middle, and find out.
  51. Water Games in the Yard - Fill up the 'super soaker' and water balloons.Go for it!
  52. Wiffle Ball - Start your own home run derby! Who can hit the most home runs?Who has the longest home run? Learn more here. logo

If you live in the USA and are looking for structured programs, leagues or instructions, check out This is a database of activities throughout the USA. You can enter your zip code for most activities and find a location near you.