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This revolutionary video software program gives participants quick bouts of Free Brain Breaks 2physical activity producing stronger bodies and minds.

Brain Breaks in already used in over 50 countries around the world and is perfect for today's environment. You can use them in group settings - in classrooms or in physical education classes - or for use by a family in the home. These fun 3-5 minute workouts can be used individually or grouped together for a longer session.

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Brain Breaks - In Classrooms, PE Classrooms & At Home


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Looking for a fun, engaging way to get kids active, fit and healthy?

Teachers, administrators, fitness professionals and others find HOPSports Brain Breaks a fun way to get kids moving, active and learning. Brain Breaks is already in 3000 schools throughout the world and the reviews are impressive. You can engage people in groups with 3-5 minute workouts. Brain Breaks are videos streamed into any environment.  

How about kick-starting your child's activity in your home? These mobile devices 2fun workouts have great graphics and are entertaining too. Kids and family members never get bored. There are 100's of different workouts for you to pick from and, new Brain Breaks workouts are constantly added to the library.

Learn more about Brain Breaks here.

Brain Breaks = Increased Academics Too!brains new after walk

We all know how you feel alert and ready for challenges after a brisk walk or run.  Brain Breaks revs up the mind getting it ready to learn.  Look at the brain images to the right.  See how the brain is 'energized' when someone walks for just 20 minutes. 

The research and proof of the benefits of getting a child moving is impressive. Increasing a child's physical activity level results in better grades. Every month we see new research directly connecting increased activity and fitness to better academic results. Look at this document listing of over 10 research project that dig into the benefits of physical activity on academics and overcoming other life challenges.

That is why we say, "Brain Breaks for Stronger Bodies and Minds".

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HOPSports, in its support of PHIT America and getting children more active & fit throughout the world, is giving away their Brain Breaks Basic or introductory program. 

What do you have to do? Is it really FREE? It is easy and, yes, it is FREE.  All you have to do is agree to join the PHIT America Fan Club or become a PHIT America Ambassador. Ambassadors are teachers, coaches, instructors or anyone who is 'local influencer' in their community. Both Fan Club Members and Ambassadors will receive News Articles and other Fitness Tips from PHIT America throughout the year.  Learn more about our Fan Club or Ambassador program by clicking on the links. You will see there is NO financial commitment.

So, Lets get started! Start by deciding if you are going to join our Fan Club or become an Ambassador. Then, just follow the 2-step process.  When you do, you will be directed to the official Brain Breaks Basic Package page.

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1. Fill in your name & email address to the right - Click "Join Today" 
2. Click on this link to go to the official Brain Breaks website & fill in the forms
You are done. It is totally FREE. Start using Brain Breaks!

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1. Click on this link to send an email to become an Ambassador. Supply your name, title or affiliation, URL link and a brief description of what you do.

2. Click on this link to go to the official Brain Breaks website & fill in the forms

You are done. It is totally FREE. Start using Brain Breaks!

Don't hesitate. This FREE offer will not last forever. Let's get America moving!


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