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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

10 Doctors Reveal 10 Great Reasons To Be Active & Fit

10 Doctors Reveal 10 Great Reasons To Be Active & Fit

SILVER SPRING, MD – June 19, 2013 – When it comes to your own physique, it’s time to use or lose it!  Based on research conducted by PHIT America, the positive side effects of being active are powerful and true!

“The comments from the medical profession about an active lifestyle are convincing and energizing,” said Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America, a cause designed to create a Movement for a Fit and Healthy America.  “It’s time for Americans of all ages to incorporate regular physical activity into their lives starting today, if they haven’t already done so.”

Listed below are ten different comments from ten different members of the medical profession about the positive side effects of an active lifestyle:

  1. Daily Physical Activity Cuts Sick Days By Up To 50% - “No pill or nutritional supplement has the power of near-daily moderate activity in lowering the number of sick days people take.” –David Nieman, PhD, Appalachian State University; Source: Wall Street Journal
  2. Active People Are 65% Less Likely To Be Tired During the Business Day - "Exercisers fall asleep faster, suffer fewer middle-of-the-night wake-up and have a reduced risk of sleep disorders.” – Brad Cardinal, PhD, Oregon State University; Source: Huffington Post
  3. Activity Reduces Up to 80% Of Pre-Existing Back Pain - “Research has shown that a better fix, in most patients, is strength training.  It can lessen pain by 30 to 80% in 10 to 12 weeks.” – Wayne Westcott, Quincy College; Source:  Health
  4. Activity Reduces Risk of ED By 30% and Hot Flashes by 74% -"Results certainly offer strong support for the idea that lifestyle factors such as obesity increase the risk of developing ED, and provide evidence that taking more physical exercise might reduce that risk."-- Dr. Jason Greenfield; Source:  CNN
  5. Activity Boosts Memory and Improves Vocabulary Retention By 20% - “We found better vocabulary test performances for subjects that were physically active during the encoding phase compared to sedentary subjects.  Our data indicates that light to moderate simultaneous physical activity during encoding is beneficial for subsequent recall of new items.”-- Dr. Maren Schmidt-Kassow; Source: Plosone
  6. Active Employees Earn Almost 10% More Than Sedentary Counterparts - “I find that regular exercise yields a six to nine percent wage increase.  The results also show that while even moderate exercise yields a positive earnings effect, frequent exercise generates an even larger impact.” -- Vasilios Kosteas, a Cleveland State economics professor; Source: Forbes
  7. Activity reduces cases of common cold by 46% - "Moderate exercise helps boost immunity by increasing the movement of immune cells." -- Dr. David C. Nieman, Appalachian State University (Study from British Journal of Sports Medicine);  Source:  British Journal of Sports Medicine
  8. Active Seniors Regain Two Years of Brain Power - "The researchers concluded the walkers had regained two or more years of hippocampal growth." -- Dr. Justin S. Rhodes, University of Illinois; Source: New York Times
  9. Activity Gets You High – The Legal Way! - “Running does elicit a flood of endorphins in the brain.  The endorphins are associated with mood changes, and the more endorphins a runner’s body pumps out the greater the effect." -- Dr. Henning Boecker, University of Bonn; Source: New York Times
  10. Activity Creates Enhanced Pain Tolerance - “Athletes were found to have consistently higher pain tolerances in comparison.” – Dr. Jonas Tesarz, University of Heidelberg; Source: EurekAlert

“When Americans start incorporating regular physical activity into their lives and we get daily    P.E. in our schools, it will have a transformational impact on our nation’s health,” said Baugh.  “Physical activity is the best way to help the U.S. overcome the inactivity pandemic.”

The PHIT America Solution

PHIT America has specific solutions to the inactivity pandemic and everybody can play a part in helping all Americans get in shape. 

  1. Advocate. Contact your Members of Congress to encourage them to pass key legislation (The PHIT Act and The PEP Program) that will help Americans become more active.
  2. Participate. If you are interested in playing one a sport or activity, but don’t know where to go in your area, PHIT America can help! Check out the Participate Database on  On this webpage, there are 60 sports and activities with different ways to get involved. Click on any of these links and you will find locations in your area.
  3. Motivate a Friend to Get Active, Fit & Healthy.  We all have friends who are not active to healthy standards. Sit down with them and encourage them to join our team. Be part of the Movement for a Fit & Healthy America. Use our Participate Database to find a sport, activity and location for them to start their journey.
  4. Prioritize.  Pursue an activity that is a fun outlet for you.  Successful exercise enthusiasts find on athletic or recreational outlet that helps take the ‘work’ of out the workout!   

PHIT America is a not-for-profit corporation started in early 2013 and has 135 corporate sponsors supporting our cause.  For more information about PHIT America, visit

PHIT America 8505 Fenton Street, Suite 211, Silver Spring, MD 20910

8505 Fenton Street, Suite 211, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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