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75,000 Kids Walk-Run 700,000 Miles; Morning Mile Kids Lead Fitness Revolution

75,000 Kids Walk-Run 700,000 Miles; Morning Mile Kids Lead Fitness Revolution

SILVER SPRING, MD – October 22, 2013 – Approximately 75,000 children in the U.S. have discovered the simple and inexpensive pathway to fitness.  It’s the Morning Mile (!  This before-school walking and Morning Mile logorunning program has inspired tens of thousands of children (and their family members) to arrive at school early each day….and then walk or run between 20 and 45 minutes, before the school bell rings.  This program has grown from one school to more than 150 schools in just three years.

“The Morning Mile is fun, exciting, easy to implement, and is keeping people fit in mass proportions,” said Morning Mile Founder Fitz Koehler ( of Gainesville, Florida.  “We have documented cases of Morning Milers being taken off ADHD medicine, losing significant amounts of weight, and being more attentive in the classroom.  Every child that steps out to give the Morning Mile a try is doing something positive for their health, mind, education, ability to behave, self-esteem and ability to prevent and fight disease.  The proof is in the pudding.”

On average, 65%-100% of each school’s student body participates throughout each school year. Designed to welcome every student, every day, the Morning Mile ensures children can pursue daily fitness, even when P.E. Hardaway Morning Milebudgets have been severely slashed. With corporate-sponsored equipment, children get to run to music each morning, and are incentivized for success. For every five miles a student completes, they are rewarded with colorful sneaker charms to attach to their reward necklaces. Once students hit a 100-mile marker (100, 200, 300, 400 miles, etc.), they are rewarded with a #100 charm for their necklace. Children love the way starting each day with running makes them feel and are excited to earn as many charms as they can. It’s a pressure-free environment where children of all ages, shapes, sizes and interests feel comfortable getting fit. Individual students have run more than 600 miles in a school year and collectively, Morning Milers have run almost 700,000 miles, according to Koehler.

Each school often hosts guest walkers such as law enforcement officers, ROTC Marines, state senators, U.S. congressmen, doctors, and parents & grandparents. “I like to organize special guests like police, senators and accomplished athletes to surround our children with elite role models who also take pride and place importance on physical activity,” added Koehler.

“Schools are eager to use the program and with more than 200 schools on our waiting list, all we need are more sponsors to help get more schools started and more children moving in the morning,” said Koehler.  “We’ve accepted zero taxpayer dollars, so sponsoring this program is a powerful way for corporate America and generous individuals to step in and play the hero!”

“We applaud the leadership of Fitz Koehler and those involved in the Morning Mile,” said Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America, a cause designed to create a Movement for a Fit and Healthy America.  “PHIT America is dedicated to sharing proven ideas that will help the U.S. reverse the inactivity pandemic.  It all starts with regular physical activity and getting daily P.E. back in schools.  The Morning Mile is a program which all schools in the U.S. should adopt.”

According to Koehler, there are more than 150 schools and camps with Morning Mile programs in four states and three countries.  ‘Hotbeds’ for the Morning Mile are in Miami-Dade County (Florida) with 43, Brevard County (Florida) with 30 and Alachua County (Florida) where 27 schools have Morning Mile programs.


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