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Getting Sedentary Kids Active, Playing Sports & Fit – KIDS in the GAME

Getting Sedentary Kids Active, Playing Sports & Fit – KIDS in the GAME

Grants From Major Sports & Fitness Brands

SILVER SPRING, MD – December 16, 2014 -- For the last three years, KIDS in the GAME, an entrepreneurial organization, has been working with local sports, fitness and physical education programs getting kids off the couch and active.

And, now, working with PHIT America, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), and major sports and KITG logofitness brands like Nike, Brooks, Mizuno, Les Mills, the Sports Authority and Life Fitness, KIDS in the GAME will be supporting school-based activity programs. PHIT America and the SFIA have set a goal of getting one million children active by 2020, by giving grants to programs which will ignite activity and fitness for 5 to 12-year-old children.

KIDS in the GAME Founder John Ballantine is excited to vet, implement, and measure the success of these programs.

“We have had great experience in working with local grassroots programs and producing results,” says Ballantine.  “When PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh came to me two years ago, he saw how we implemented grants for local programs. Our eight-step process guarantees we are supporting the right programs which will get kids moving and more healthy. Sponsors of these grants are happy with our results. With the new support from companies like Rawlings, Wilson, Reebok, Everlast, Franklin, SKLZ, and Augusta, we are excited to improve the activity level, health and fitness of many more children.”

Jim Baugh of PHIT America feels this program is just what the country needs to help fight and prevent healthcare costs.

“The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ is hurting our country, especially our children,” says Baugh.  “Sitting has been described as the new smoking. Our grants to school-based programs fill a void and will get kids moving and more healthy -- for life. And, since we announced this program, other companies are approaching us to see how they can invest in more programs which will help more children.”

Schools in the USA have cut and de-emphasized physical education in our schools during the past 15 years. The average school budget for PE is only $764 per year. Schools need financial support.  And, there is conclusive research:  children who have physical education are two to three times more likely to be active outside of school. A big bonus is there is also recent research that shows an active child is a better student as well.

Ballantine explains the double benefit of school-based activity programs.
“How can anyone argue with something that not only gets kids more fit and physically healthy, but also improves academic results, too,” states Ballantine.  “We are producing stronger bodies and minds.”

Companies or individuals who are interested in helping expand the impact of these programs should contact Jim Baugh at

“Companies from outside the sports industry know the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ is a major issue which affects the health of our country,” states Baugh.  “Our whole country must work to get Americans more active. Our programs are the most efficient way to make an impact.”

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