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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Inactivity Pandemic Continues .... 80 Million Americans Are Inactive... Up 5th Consecutive Year

Inactivity Pandemic Continues .... 80 Million Americans Are Inactive... Up 5th Consecutive Year

SILVER SPRING, MD – May 1, 2013 – A year ago, The Lancet stated that physical inactivity was a pandemic in the U.S.  Now, one year later, signs indicate the situation has deteriorated even more.  Listed below are the inactivity PAC logotrends in the U.S. based on research released this week by the  Physical Activity Council (PAC):

* 80.4 million Americans ages 6+ are totally inactive, up from 70.5 million in 2007
* The percentage of Americans who are active to healthy standards has dropped from 34.5% in 2011 to 32.9% in  2012
* In 2012, 28% of Americans ages 6+ were totally inactive, up from 25% in 2007
* Inactivity is up for the 5th straight year
* The biggest inactivity increases were for 6-17 year olds
* 192 million Americans ages 6+ aren’t active to healthy standards, up 5 million from 2011

 Inactives 6 Yr 5PM

The Physical Activity Council research is a six-year study surveying 41,000 Americans ages 6+ every year. The panelists are asked a series of questions including if they participate in any of 104 activities or sports and their frequency of participation.

“These statistics are sad and startling. We have talked for years about the obesity crisis. We clearly have an inactivity pandemic as well,” said PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh.  “Our country has had a major focus on overcoming the obesity crisis by getting healthy by eating properly, which we know is extremely important. Our country and our leaders have to really focus on getting America more active, fit, and playing sports to overcome this inactivity pandemic. This will help with our obesity crisis as well. We know an active person will be more fit and healthy and help prevent some of the huge increases in healthcare costs.”

Inactives by Year
“The PAC research points out some trends which are very scary. We actually have fewer people active to healthy standards (3 times a week or more) than the prior year. And, while some ages are starting to level off in terms of inactivity, our youth inactivity rates continue to climb. If we don’t start to get these kids conditioned to be active, I have my doubts we can make significant progress long term. It is called conditioning. If one has never learned to be active, it is much harder to teach this in later years,” said Baugh.

Healthy Standards 4 30
PHIT America, along with its 130 sponsors, is responding to this challenge by leading a Movement for a Fit & Healthy America. PHIT America is promoting and helping develop fitness and sports grassroots programs in communities throughout America.  PHIT America also focuses on supporting and building quality physical education programs (PE).  Recent Physical Activity Council research shows children in PE are 3-4 times more likely to be active outside of school.

PHIT America also promotes and supports two vital pieces of legislation which will increase the number of active, fit and healthy Americans:

  1. Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) – When passed, Americans will be able to use pre-tax medical accounts for physical activity expenses.
  2. Physical Education Program (PEP) – An 11 year program supports local physical education programs throughout America.

Both the PHIT Act and PEP Program will help prevent healthcare costs by getting Americans more active, fit and healthy.

More information on these programs and PHIT America, please visit

PHIT America 8505 Fenton Street, Suite 211, Silver Spring, MD 20910

8505 Fenton Street, Suite 211, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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