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In 2015, we will start to support school-based physical activity and physical education programs with grants from $500 to $5,000. We will have a thorough application process handled by KIDS in the GAME, our provider of grants to local programs.

Some of the characteristics we will look for in from these local programs applying for a grant must include:

  • Support is 100% focused on kids (primarily 5-12 year olds)
  • School-based
  • A plan with at least one of the following goals:
    • Greatly expand the number of children who will be more active, fit and healthy
    • Greatly expand the fitness levels of the children in the program
  • Specific ways in which the program will measure success
  • Provide PHIT America and KIDS in the GAME reports during and after the grant time period on the program's progress in achieving your plan goals

We will "vet" all applicants. We are sure there will be great demand for these valuable grants.  We anticipate our grants will be evenly split between schools or physical education enhancements and local community based programs.

Check back with us later this year. We are excited to support programs which will create a more fit & healthy America.

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