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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2014 Keeps Rising

Photo Collage of SportsOver 50 Fun Ways To Increase Your Fitness For Better Health!

Find ways to get active or fit in over 50 fun sports and fitness taglineactivities. We have two databases to help you. 

1.  The GET FIT HERE database, a PHIT America exclusive, lists websites to find facilities, coaches, leagues, trainers, etc. in your area. 

2.  The activity locator. This is another great tool for you to use.

Look below for 2 ways for find a location in your area.



  1. GET FIT HERE Database 

Select the sport or activity you want to participate in. 

Badminton  In-Line Skating
Baseball  Lacrosse  Squash
Basketball  Marathons
Biking  Martial Arts
 Table Tennis
Bowling  Mountain Biking
 Tai Chi
Boxing  Multi-Sports Camps
Camping  Paintball  Triathlon
Cheerleading  Pilates  Ultimate Frisbee
CrossFit  Racquetball  Volleyball
Cycling  Roller Hockey  Walking
Dance  Roller Skating  Water Polo
Field Hockey  Rowing
 Water Skiing
Fishing  Rugby
Fitness  Running  Yoga
Football - Flag
 Scooter Riding
Football - Tackle   Skateboarding  
Golf  Skiing
 At Home Fitness
Gymnastics  Snowboarding  National Parks
Hiking  Soccer  
Hunting  Softball
Ice Hockey
Ice Skating




A simple approach - Pick your activity, put in your zip code, and click search. Please note: 100% of Active Affiliate commission is donated to PHIT America.


Providers of Camps, Facilities, Instruction, Programs or Other Sports or Fitness Services

If you have a good national or strong regional list which should be part of our database, please send a note with a link to your website locator to We will review your request quickly.

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