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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

"Roots" of Inactivity

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It is easy to describe the problem - Inactivity. But, what are the "Roots" or major influences to the Inactivity Pandemic?  The PHIT World Staff has been studying this pandemic for the past 3 years. Below are the major factors we have identified. PHIT World is dedicated to overcoming some of the challenges while focusing on real solutions. If you see this mark,PW POCUS , this indicates a PHIT World focus area or strategy.

We are ask everyone throughout the world to help. The Inactivity Pandemic is affecting the body, mind and spirit of individuals...and has a dramatic impact on our healthcare costs.

The Major Causes - The "Roots"

  1.  We Have 'Engineered' Activity & Movement Out Of Our Lives - In an effort to make life easier, we have changed the way we 'move'. Escalators and elevators replaced stairs (or people walking up stairs. Moving walkways replace walking. Motorized shooters are used by kids...instead of traditional scooters. Even modes of transportation have changed. In 1949, 34% of miles traveled using a mechanical mode were by bicycle; Then Nowtoday only 1-2% are.
  2. Entertainment & Technology - This is a huge factor. TV programming has expanded. Even TV's themselves have gotten better from small TV's to HD to 4K, etc. Video gaming has advance and consumed our time. But, the biggest factor, especially with children, is the advancement of electric devices...or, as we call them, 'Sedentary Devices'.  Today, 24% of all teens in the USA say they are online all the time! Texting, chat sessions, Facebook, Twitter...the list can go on an on. These entertainment technology devices and programs are only going to get more entertaining in the future.PW POCUS
  3. Decline of Physical Education and Activity in Schools - The decline or emphasis of physical education is probably the most important 'activity' factor, especially in the USA. Today, only 48% of all high schools have physical education. The average school budget for PE is only $764 per year for an entire school. Recess, good luck if it exists.  You can see the importance of PE on activity on this web page. You can directly correlate the increase in activity in the USA with the decline of frequency of PE in schools.PW POCUS
  4. We Have Not Placed The Proper Value On Physical Activity - When you ask people what is a bigger health issue, obesity or inactivity, obesity almost always is singled out.  You can see all the focus today on healthy eating. Yes, this is very important. However, twice as many people are dying from inactivity as obesity. We have not focused our messaging on the tremendous benefits of activity and fitness. Increased physical activity will result in improvement in one's body, mind and spirit. Look at all the benefits of activity on this web page. Activity is truly the "Wonder Drug".PW POCUS
  5. Recreational Sports for Children Have Become Too Serious - Sometimes it feels like we are looking for our children to become stars...instead of having fun...and learning life skills that sport teaches you. Mom and dads need to 'lighten up'.  The specialized, 'traveling team' approach to youth sports is turning many kids off. We need more 'fun' leagues and events for kids. Sports & fitness companies, sport governing bodies and even professional sport leagues need to invest in fun, beginner programs rather than just cater to the most serious players (and consumers).
  6. Costs To Participate in Some Leagues and for School Teams - The cost for kids to be on traveling teams, 'Pay-To-Play' for school sports, high performance clinics, and the overall cost to play have risen over the years. It is hard for families to afford to have their children participate, especially at higher levels.PW POCUS
  7. Moms and Dads - Yes, this is a major issue and ties to the second issue very closely. Too many parents are content to see their children playing videos, watching TV or consumed with their electronic devices. This may be easy...but is not the healthiest approach for your children.  You need to limit their 'electronic time' and bring back 'Play' to their lives. And, start with some family fitness activities. They are fun too.PW POCUS
  8. Safe Environments To Play For Children, Especially in Cities - Many metropolitan areas don't have places which are safe for kids to play. City officials need to carve out safe zones for kids to be kids. We must restore "Play Time" to the lives of our children.

PHIT World - What Are We Doing To Fight The Inactivity Pandemic?

We are directly attacking four of the issues listed above and have another way we are helping to get people moving. Here are are major focuses:

  • Education - We are educating people around the world about the values of being active, fit and healthy (#4 above). This is done through educational News Articles, website, social media, a PHIT World / PHIT America App, and a new PHIT World Documentary. Even with our grassroots programs, we are educating children on the values of being active. Learn more about our education approaches in the "About" section.
  • Supporting Grassroots Programs That Get Kids Active...Where The Kids Are (#3 above) - We have two ways we get kids active...Where The Kids physical education classes, in classrooms and also in homes.  PHIT America On The GO! programs (US Only) and with HOPSports Brain Breaks programs get kids active and moving. PHIT World, with the support of sponsors throughout the world, are supporting the expansion of these programs.  Learn about these programs here.
  • Developing the PHIT World Alliance - We have over 100 companies who are part of our network and team. Anyone can be part of our Alliance. You can join the PHIT World Fan Club. There are no obligations. You will receive information on our cause, the big issues and ways you can help. Learn more here. We are also looking for companies who want to be part of our "Movement". Contact us here to learn how you can be involved.

In the USA through out sister organization, PHIT America, we are also pushing the US Government to pass key legislation, the Physical Education Program (PEP) and the PHIT Act (PHIT) which will engage people in active, fit and healthy.

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