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40+ Fun Family Fitness Ideas

Call to Actions Nothing is better than getting the entire family active together. Listed below are over 40 family fitness ideas. And remember, make sure everyone is having FUN.

  1. Badminton – Play singles or doubles in the backyard.
  2. Basketball – Shoot hoops in the driveway, play H-O-R-S-E, or play one-on-one or two-on-two.
  3. Beach Activities – Build sandcastles, look for sea shells, or go body surfing.
  4. Beach/Sand Volleyball – Play with four, six, or eight people.
  5. Bike Rides – Ride your bike through the neighborhood or find local bike trails.
  6. Bocce Ball – Anybody can play bocce ball.
  7. Bowling – A family bowling night at a local bowling center is simple, fun, and affordable.
  8. Calisthenics/Stretching – Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, toe touches – anywhere at anytime
  9. Canoeing/Kayaking – Everybody is a winner just by participating.
  10. Cardio Tennis – You don't have to be a tennis player to do Cardio Tennis.
  11. Croquet – Perfect in the front yard or the backyard.
  12. Frisbee – Find a public park and go play Ultimate Frisbee with friends.
  13. Golf – Go to the driving range or have a group golf lesson, such as Get Golf Ready.
  14. Group Fitness – Try Zumba, Jazzercise, or yoga at a local fitness club.
  15. Hiking/backpacking – Hit the trails at a city, county, state, or national park.
  16. Home Gyms – Have the family work out together at home or a local fitness center.
  17. Horseshoes – Anybody can play horseshoes, either singles or doubles.
  18. Ice Skating – Go find a local ice skating rink.
  19. Indoor Rock Climbing – They can be found at local fitness/health clubs.
  20. Inline Skating - Fun, family activity. Great for fitness.
  21. Jogging/Running – Go run around your neighborhood or at a local high school track.
  22. Jumping Rope – It's a portable and affordable workout.
  23. Soccer – Go kick a soccer ball on an open field, at a public park, or in your backyard.
  24. Martial Arts Class – You are never too old for judo or karate.
  25. Miniature Golf – Anybody can play this game and anybody can make a hole-in-one.
  26. Play Catch – It’s a great game after work or after school, with a baseball, softball or a football.
  27. Backyard Games – Play games of tag, hide-and-seek, or kick-the-can.
  28. Racquetball (or Squash) – These courts can often be found in private health clubs.
  29. Roller Skating – Go to a local roller rink, a local park or in the neighborhood.
  30. Run a 5K Race – Learn how to train for a local 5K race.  You can walk part of the way, too.
  31. Snow Skiing – Consider downhill or cross-country skiing.
  32. Snow Sports – Build a snowman, go sledding, snowboarding or snowshoeing.
  33. Swimming – Go lap swimming in a neighborhood or a municipally owned facility.
  34. Table Tennis – Play a small round-robin table tennis event with friends.
  35. Tennis – Mixed doubles is fun, entertaining, and great exercise.
  36. Touch or Flag Football – This is a great fun family activity.
  37. Triathlon – Engage in family training for a triathlon – swimming, biking, and running.  Here’s how you start.
  38. Walking – Family walks around the neighborhood, at a local park, or along the beach.
  39. Water Aerobics – Be creative with your routines to make it fun...add in some music.
  40. Water Skiing/Wakeboarding – This is a great group outing with another family.
  41. Weight Lifting – Don’t forget to use hand weights and free weights.
  42. Wiffle Ball – With family and friends in the backyard or on a nearby open field – it's a great fast-paced introduction to baseball and softball. Learn more here. logo

If you live in the USA and are looking for structured programs, leagues or instructions, check out This is a database of activities throughout the USA. You can enter your zip code for most activities and find a location near you.

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