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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Approaches That Work: School-Based & Community Programs

Do you want to help children and adults lead a active, fit & healthy life?

Two of the best approaches are through school-based programs and local community grassroots programs. The school environment is the ideal place to condition children to be active. In schools, good programming will condition all children at once. Community programs for both children and adults work great as well.  Learn more about the strengths of each of these approaches and how PHIT World is attacking the inactivity pandemic below.

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Two Grassroot Approaches Which Get People Active & Moving

Call to Actions We have studied the ways children learn to be physically active developing lifelong skills to be healthy for life. The most important 'learning experience' starts in the home with mothers and fathers. You can learn about the PLAY TIME approaches for children on this web page.

While nothing replaces what children learn from mothers and fathers, there are other ways we can insure every child is introduced to a life of activity and fitness. School-based activity programs are the surest ways capture all children while teaching them how to be active and healthy for life. Local community programs is another great approach.

You will see below two pathways which help children learn lifelong activity and fitness outside of the home. And then, you will see how PHIT World is offering these approaches around the world.

In School Programs - In Physical Education & Now In Classrooms Too

We have covered all the benefits of physical education on this web page. However, there are different ways we are PE 2 Photosteaching activity today than existed many years ago:

  1. Physical Education - Nothing replaces quality physical education. You capture all students multiple times per week for 45-60 minutes per session. Every school throughout the world should strive for this approach. PE teaches lifelong fitness skills with benefits for the body, mind and spirit.
  2. In Classrooms - Yes, this is where a lot of activity is taking place. Short bouts of physical activity for 3-5 minutes periodically throughout the day not only gets the body moving, it invigorates the brain as well. HOPSports Brain Breaks video programming is doing this. There are numerous studies that are conclusively showing an active student is a better students.
  3. Pre and Post The School Day - Another emerging approach is activity based programs being offered before the official school day starts...or after the school day.  We are seeing the same results here. Activity before the school day prepared the mind for better academic results.

You can see the research on the academic benefits of physical activity here.

Community and Local Programs Are Very Importantcommunity 3 photos

Approaches For Children

  1. Local community programs for specific youth sports or fitness
  2. Specialized training usually from private business
  3. Participate in youth camps covering multiple sports activity

Approaches For Adults

  1. Play lifelong sports like golf, tennis, soccer, etc.
  2. Join a health or fitness club
  3. Join a health or fitness specialized class such as Yoga, Pilates, spinning, etc.
  4. Join a sports specific league for adults
  5. Sign up for a fitness camp

Programs Creating PHIT KIDS - Introducing Children To A Life Of Activity & Fitness

We have great programs around the world which get kids off the couch and active. GO Grants Logo

  • PHIT America GO! Grants - For the USA market , we are working with partner, KIDS in the GAME, to jump-starting physical activity in school-based programs. We provide grants up to $5,000 per school for schools who have little or no physical activity during the day. In 2015, PHIT America got over 50,000 children off the couch and active through GO! Grants.  Learn more HEREBrain Breaks Logo
  • HOPSports Brain Breaks - Revolutionary video software which teaches physical activity in classrooms, PE classes, in corporations, and in homes as well.  Brain Breaks are used in classrooms and PE classes in over 50 countries. Learn more here.

Want to create more PHIT KIDS? Donate now. Your donation will help us overcome the inactivity pandemic and introduce a child to a life of activity and fitness.


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